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Starish Mix: Possible Kindred prt 1 Ep. 23
"So are you coming to the gathering?," asked Sergio his cousin. They were sprawled out on the grass under a large shady tree. "I gotta go or Ma's gonna get me," jokingly replied Taavi. "Yeah I know that but who are you bringing as your date?," Sergio prodded with a smile.

"Dunno...but I know yur takin' ILaaaaaaa," Taavi teased. Sergio scoffed and lightly punched his chest. "Why ya haven't been on missions lately?," Taavi asked.

"Well after that last mission, my parents decided to give me a break," Sergio explained. Taavi closed his eyes as footsteps were approaching. "Prince Sergio. Prince Taavi. How are you today?," Hatsuki asked politely.

Taavi furrowed his eyebrows and squinted his eyes. "Every day I see ya I hate ya more and more," he replied gruffly. Hatsuki tilted her head to the side and Sergio placed his hand on his forehead.

"I'm sorry Hatsuki! He didn't mean it," Sergio apologized. Taavi just laid there on the grass pouting. "It is okay. I apologize for disturbing you," Hatsuki replied softly. "Hate only brings nothing in the end," she addressed Taavi softly.

As she walked away Taavi felt terrible for the way he acted before. "Seriously Tav. What was that?," Sergio asked. Taavi slowly shook his head. "I dunno...I."

Later on that evening Queen Chestnut was going through her wardrobe for a dress. "Hatsu dear you must come to the gathering," she beamed. Hatsuki was sunk into the King and Queen's giant bed. It felt like she was resting on clouds.

"What gathering?," Hatsuki asked curiously. The queen smiled as she knelt on the floor next to Hatsuki. "A gathering involves people meeting together and enjoying each other's company," she explained. Hatsuki's smile grew wider as the queen caressed her head.

"Like my pack," Hatsuki replied. The queen nodded. "Yes it's exactly like that. Would you like to come? I would really love it if you came. Would you like your dress I got you?," Queen Chestnut asked.

Hatsuki nodded and then there was a knock on the door. "Queen, may we grant these Princesses entrance into your bedchamber?," asked the three guards simultaneously. Chestnut granted them entrance. It was Princesses Abelha, Daffodil, and ILa. "Hello queen!," Abelha greeted.

"Hatsukiiiii hi!," Abelha glomped Hatsuki. "You got a dress, that means you're comin' to the gatherin'!," Abelha squealed. "Are you gonna wear that? No offence Queen Chestnut but that looks a little plain for this type of gatherin'. Isn't it a gathering for suitors?," Abelha asked. The queen nodded as she hugged her niece Daffodil who clung to her.

"That may be the undertone but the main purpose is for you all to become acquainted," Chestnut replied. "So then it's about friendship?," Daffodil asked. "It's about that as well," the queen replied.

"What did you have in mind for Hatsu to wear?," Chestnut asked. Abelha smiled and produced a new dress out of thin air. "This!" It was a yellowish orange in color with off shoulder cross stringed sleeves. There was also a deep slit down the left side of the dress. ILa covered her eyes as her face turned red. "That seems a bit risque," she protested. "Queen what do you think?," Abelha asked desperately.

" I think it does look a tad risque for Hatsu but if she likes it," Queen Chestnut began. "Then it is all right with me." Abelha cheered and jumped. "Yes the queen approves! Please try it on Hatsuki," Abelha eagerly nudged. Hatsuki tried it on and smiled at herself in the full length mirror. "Look different," she said. ILa sat on the chaise on the far left of the room.

"I still don't think you should wear that. It'll send the wrong message to prospective suitors," she stated with an uneasy expression. Abelha crossed her arms. "Hatsuki's mine. I'll be with her the entire night. You can have this dress by the way. I know my honey bee loves the color yellow," Abelha proclaimed. Hatsuki smiled and gave Abelha a quick hug. Abelha couldn't stop smiling as she brought yellow pumps for the dress. Hatsuki shook her head no for the shoes. "No want," she stated. Abelha grinned tossing the shoes in ILa's direction. "Okay no shoes!" ILa dove onto the cushioned floor. "Hey watch it please!"

©2015-present CSherrie
My Desperate Weaboo Fan Art
Here's my desperate attempt of a fan art for ZeroRade. This character belongs to him. Make sure you check out his deviant art page. He's got mad skills and is a wonderful artist!
CodieCodigo57 - Play My Music
This is just a random character I drew that looks somewhat similar to Jaltoid's character Supercodplayer1995. Ha ha ha! My character just has fluffy hair. Thanks for taking a look at this.

©2017-present CSherrie
Starish Mix: The Courage to Confess Ep. 22
It was the second day of Sergio and Daffodil's journey. Their parents needed them to research an ancient relic in the Spring region. Although this region is beautiful, it took two days to get there.

This journey was beginning to weigh down on Daffodil. "Serge I'm tired!," she whined. "Oh poor baby," Sergio teased. His sister scuffled her feet pouting. "I'm serious! I just wanna get back to my man." Sergio raised an eyebrow and lectured Daffodil about morals again.

She wasn't interested in his lectures and continued to walk slowly ahead of him. "Excuse me! Please wait you two!" A voice called out to them from the winding mountain path. They had just arrived at Mt. Enka's gates when ILa appeared. Sergio smirked and Daffodil rolled her eyes. "Hi," she replied in an unwelcoming tone.

ILa nervously shifted her eyes from each sibling and dropped a small sweat. "I know this is quite the surprise . I apologize for the intrusion but I wanted to join you two. Only if that's all right with the both of you," ILa stated. Daffodil smirked and shook her head.

"I know you came here to be with my brother," she said bluntly. ILa blushed but kept a firm stance. "Yes that is correct," she stated confidently. Sergio smiled to himself and began walking through the gates. "Let's get going then," he called out to them. Sergio and ILa walked at the same pace.

Daffodil walked ahead of them, gawking at the ancient cave paintings. "Couldn't stay away from me huh?," Sergio teased. ILa looked at him and slowly smiled. "Must you flirt with girls so?," she asked. "You're the first girl I've ever flirted with," Sergio scoffed. ILa blushed and gently took his hand.

Sergio broke into a smile as they walked holding hands. "May we talk together later?," ILa asked softly. Sergio gave a scoff and nodded. "Sure...just don't let go of my hand," he replied. Daffodil rolled her eyes and shook her head again. "Serge and ILa sitting in a treeeeeeee," she teased.

Later that evening, their research was complete. The three children went back to their campsite. With Daffodil asleep, the new couple could talk. They sat on a log by the fire. For the longest moment they just sat there staring at the fire.

"I'll be honest with you Prince," ILa began. Sergio turned to her, eagerly waiting for her to continue. "I initially harbored feelings towards your cousin;however, these new feelings I have towards you are much deeper," she finally confessed. Sergio's eyes glistened among the embers of the fire.

"I really like you," ILa softly concluded. "I really like you too," Sergio reciprocated. ILa slowly grinned as Sergio leaned in. The embers drifted upward as the two cuddled looking up into the blazing stars.

©2015-present CSherrie
Starish Mix: Abelha's Dress
The quirky and unpredictable girly girl Abelha a.k.a Bee. Sticking with the whole bee theme her colors are black/yellow/pink. This isn't her only formal dress. I have many more on the way.

©2015-present CSherrie


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Although I may not upload my artwork in high quality, I hope you'll enjoy looking at it just the same. Thanks!


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